Monday Musing: 14/01/19

It’s been a long weekend of reading here at The Book Habit central. We’ve had 10 inches of snow over the past two days and are officially snow-bound. I’ve written before about my struggles with adapting to the unpredictable extremes of weather in the US midwest and this weekend is surely my karmic punishment for complaining. Since complaining about the weather is part of my cultural heritage, however, maybe I should count myself lucky that living in Missouri is giving me so much ammunition.

Fortunately, being snowed-in for the weekend means a chance to catch up on some reading. Since I always leave my book club picks until the last possible minute (eternally convinced that I can squeeze in just one more read before my meeting), it’s a good thing that I’ve had this weekend to catch up. This month’s pick is Vladimir Nabokov’s Pale Fire. If you’ve been hanging around The Book Habit for a while, you might remember my review of Lolita. A truly difficult novel to review (particularly since this was back in 2013 when I was still fledgling reviewer) given its controversial nature. However, Nabokov remains one of my favourite authors and truly one of literature’s most sublime wordsmiths. So today’s Monday Musing comes courtesy of Nabokov and his understanding of the impact that great literature can have. Here’s hoping that 2019 is full of spine-tingling books for all of us!



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