Monday Musing: 14/10/18

I’ve officially been 30 years old for three weeks! For the amount of build-up that inevitably accompanies those milestone birthdays, it’s been a relatively uneventful few weeks since the big day. Similar to the profound sense of change that is always a part of New Year celebrations, I had a feeling that everything would be different once I entered my new decade and officially departed the uncertainty that characterised my twenties. I think we all have a tendency to believe that we require the most dramatic, remarkable, or rare events in order to spark and justify change in ourselves. I’ve had a difficult couple of years with an incredible number of changes in my life, so I’ve often embraced any ‘excuse’ to adopt new resolutions or perspectives. The difficulty with this is that waiting for the rarity of a new year or a milestone birthday means we spend most of our life in a state of anticipation.

What I’ve realised as I’ve grappled with unexpected events, difficult choices, and mental health challenges, is the importance of change in the everyday. We don’t need to wait for something extraordinary in order to start over. Every day, moment, breath is an opportunity to get up and start again. Not only does this attitude afford us far more opportunities to adjust our course and choose something better for ourselves, it also gives us even more reasons to recognise our own courage. Change and adaptation are difficult. But it’s only through experience and redirection that we’ll find where we truly want to be.


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