Monday Musing: 27/08/18

A return to The Book Habit obviously means a return to Monday Musing posts. Some things just don’t change, despite a three year break! Even with a transatlantic move and a wedding under my belt, so much remains the same. I still look to my books for inspiration and comfort (despite an incredibly painful pruning of my book collection to reduce the truly enormous costs of shifting them all from England to the US).

Working through homesickness and attempting to find my feet in a new country have made me very aware of the metaphorical anchors that I carry with me wherever I go. There are a handful of things that always bring me back to myself, even when I’m feeling lost and overwhelmed. Books – all so heavily associated with different places and times in my life – are some of the most important resources for helping me to stay grounded and brave when life gets challenging.

So what better way to kick off the last week of August than with a bit of literary inspiration that reminds us of the feelings of homeliness and familiarity we experience with every turned page?


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