The Book Habit Is Back!

Hello, my literary lovelies!

After a long absence, The Book Habit is finally back. The past two months have seen me in and out of the UK, snowed under with PhD work, and planning for a future UK-based move. I have not, however, neglected my bibliophilic duties. I continue to fill every spare moment with reading and, in addition, have been working on a blog redesign (with the assistance of my lovely fiancé, who is responsible for the fantastic logo). Hopefully the new look meets with your approval!

Anyway, I want to take this chance to thank each of you for hanging in there and coming back to enjoy this new era at The Book Habit. You are all fantastic. Tomorrow, I will return to you with the first of many reviews. Until then, we will kick off this new look with an appropriately inspirational Monday Musing.


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