Monday Musing: 20/01/14

Welcome to a new week, my friends. I hope that you have all taken advantage of a chance to rest over the weekend. I spent Saturday indulging in admirably literary pursuits – including a trip to London’s Donmar Warehouse to see a production of Coriolanus. Featuring the talents of both Tom Hiddleston (see my ravings about his performance in the BBC’s Hollow Crown series) and Mark Gatiss (of Sherlock fame), it was quite the experience. Getting back into work-mode following such excitement has been understandably difficult, but here I am with another Monday Musing to set the tone for the week ahead.


3 thoughts on “Monday Musing: 20/01/14

  1. I am going to michigan next week to see coriolanus, if you can believe that! (not live, unfortunately.) I am really excited about it, because I'm a fan of tom hiddleston and a HUGE fan of hadley fraser! so glad you enjoyed it, though. that's making it even harder to wait 🙂


  2. I can say it was the best anything I have ever seen. I mean, ever. it was incredible. this is not something I can fangirl over; the talent was spectacular. it was such a raw, intense performance, I am emotionally battered.

    on the bright side, I don't think I'll ever get over it. 🙂


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