The Weekly Reader: 13/11/13

Well, friends, it’s official. The heating has gone on, which means there is no more denying that winter is almost upon us. In two weeks, I will be trading in the UK for the even colder climates of New York and Missouri. Jumpers, mittens, and hats at the ready. In the meantime, you will most likely find me sofabound with duvet, hot water bottle, and a massive mugful of tea. All an absolute necessity, particularly with tonight’s farewell to David Suchet’s Poirot (and attached moustache). Tissues and chocolate acquired, ready to onslaught my emotional state with some further instability. But, thankfully, I am preparing today’s post while I still have the capacity for coherent thought.


‘Christmas Picks Lined Up By Independent Bookshops’ – The Guardian

A poll organised by The Booksellers Association is promoting Christmas present diversity, as independent booksellers voting for the top literary hidden gems. With 14% of annual book sales taking place in December, competition between publishers is fierce, leaving readers and gift-givers subject to a yearly inundation of new titles. The poll’s Top 10 list points to a number of brilliant works that might be otherwise neglected, with purchasers opting instead for well-known bestsellers. My hope is that this poll will not only provoke shoppers to stray away from the bestseller lists, but will also motivate some to spend their money in the nation’s independent bookshops.

’10 Really Terrific Reading Nooks’ – Book Riot

You all know that I love a good reading nook. Nothing beats snuggling up in a cosy corner with book in hand. So this collation of some of the world’s most fabulous nooks is a brilliant source of inspiration. Now if only I can get myself enough money and space to put the inspiration to good use!

‘Haruki Murakami Gets Back To The Beatles In New Short Story’ – The Guardian

Any news relating to Haruki Murakami is bound to earn itself a place on The Weekly Reader. But this particular article is all the more important because it combines two of my greatest loves – Murakami, and The Beatles. Having already borrowed inspiration from The Beatles with the title of his novel Norwegian Wood, Murakami has returned to the infamous Rubber Soul album for the title of his new short story – Drive My Car. The story follows in quick succession from Murakami’s recent piece, Samsa in Love, published in the New Yorker. Drive My Car was published in Japan on 9 November, but unfortunately those of us in the English-speaking world will have to await translation.


An appropriate follow-on from the above, this week’s Book Fetish feature turns to Haruki Murakami. One of the greatest contemporary novelists, and deserving of this insubstantial homage.

‘Haruki Murakami TShirt’ – Miaoutia

Utterly vital for the launch of my Haruki Murakami fan club. Now if only I can find another member…

‘Haruki Murakami Pin’ – The Literary Gift Company

“I’m not so weird to me.” A quote true to life. And now it is possible to let the world know, thanks to The Literary Gift Company.

‘1Q84 and Wind Up Bird Chronicles A3 Posters’ – MadeForHomeee

Beautiful posters inspired by two of Murakami’s greatest works.

2 thoughts on “The Weekly Reader: 13/11/13

  1. Just been to my library and found Haruki Murakami's “Sputnik Sweetheart”. Thought I'd give this author a try as you have written his praises.


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