Monday Musing: 11/11/13

Hello, lovely people! I hope that this post is finding you all on the end of a fabulous weekend. Mine was minimally productive, but maximally book-filled. I consider it a success. This week shall be spent making up for my lack of PhD attention as I steam on with research, proposals, supervisor meetings, and the like. Very exciting. Fortunately, I have quite the reward coming my way. On Sunday, the planets will align and I shall finally be meeting the wonderful Anjali from From L&P to English tea as we embark upon a Harry Potter extravaganza. That’s right, two of the world’s biggest Harry Potter fans will be visiting the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. And it will be amazing. Of course, I shall be documenting the experience in the form of a Literary Excursion post, for your enjoyment. Until then, I shall bombard you with the usual set of news updates and reviews. But we begin the week, as always, with a new Monday Musing.


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