The Weekly Reader: 06/11/13

Happy Wednesday, friends! Halfway through the week already and on the downward slope toward the weekend. How exciting! As the first full week of November, it has also become somewhat acceptable to be in Christmas countdown mode. Although my skin still prickles at the sound of Christmas albums playing on a loop and I seem to experience involuntary blindness at the sight of endless decoration displays, I am coming around to the spirit of the Yuletide season. It helps that today marks exactly three weeks until my return to the US. So much excitement, it’s hard to know how to add to it. How about with this week’s edition of The Weekly Reader?


‘Agatha Christie Wins Vote To Steal Crown As Crime Writers’ Favourite Crime Writer’ – The Guardian

You all know that I am quite the devotee when it comes to all things Agatha Christie. So imagine my delight on discovering that she has been voted the Crime Writers’ Association’s favourite crime writer. A well deserved accolade. Her work, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, was also named best ever crime novel. For a review of the novel and a general investigation of my adoration for Agatha, you can see my post. Sherlock fans need not despair, however. Everyone’s favourite neurotic detective was voted the best serial sleuth.

‘Baileys Women’s Prize For Fiction Announces Starry 2014 Judges’ – The Guardian

I have written, on many occasions, about the desperate need to centralise and celebrate the contribution of female writers to the literary field. Gender disparity continues to dominate the world of fiction – from publishers and editors to critics and authors. So when Orange decided to disengage itself as sponsor of the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction, there was naturally concern that a key resource of female literary celebration would be allowed to die. Fortunately, thanks to a number of private sponsors, including Cherie Blair and Joanna Trollope, the Prize is returning in 2014 after a year off. With the panel of judges just announced, it is enormously exciting to see a number of prestigious female writers and academics represented. Caitlin Moran, the sensational British feminist, is amongst the judges – her bestselling memoir How to be a Woman is a must-read for males and females alike.

‘The Sweetest Sweets: Bookish Wedding Cakes’ – Book Riot

I love books. And I love cake. Hence, the ultimate combination. I would, however, recommend that you steer clear of the Game of Thrones-themed wedding. As any fan of the series knows, weddings do not go well in Westeros.


This week has been heavy on the Jane Austen theme (see yesterday’s Literary Excursion post, as evidence). So why quit now?

‘Jane Austen Murder Mystery Party Game’ – MurderMysteryGames

Looking to have a party and at a loss as to a theme? Well, look no further. Who could resist a Murder Mystery Party where players include Fitzwiliam Darcy and Mr. Collins? As the daughter of two individuals with a penchant for themed parties, it is perhaps little surprise that I find this idea enormously appealing.

‘Jane Austen Silhouette Wine Glasses’ – TouchOGlass

Because these could only add to the party theme. Or combine with one of the above featured cakes, and you have yourself a wedding!

‘Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice Literary Quote Mug’ – OpheliasGypsyCaravan

BEST.QUOTE.EVER. And on a mug. A combination that cannot be faulted.

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