The Weekly Reader: 09/10/13

Hello my lovelies!

I am now fully embedded in the Welsh countryside, enjoying the fruits of a beautiful autumn. Leaving civilisation behind for a week is the perfect antidote to a stress-inducing PhD transition. Fortunately, it also affords me some headspace to put together this week’s edition of The Weekly Reader – for all of your literary needs.


‘Want To Read Other’s Thoughts? Try Reading Literary Fiction’ – NPR

This is a really excellent, and short, NPR piece about the empathy-inducing merits of literary fiction. Studies suggest that reading literary fiction (as opposed to popular fiction, or not reading at all) increases our ability to perceive the thoughts and emotions of others. I have referred on many occasions to my belief in the capacity of literature to give some degree of emotional education to readers. It is a lesson in how to see the world through another’s eyes. Now science confirms it! Hooray!

‘Nobel Prize For Literature: Alice Munro Belatedly Emerges As Second Favourite’ – The Guardian

The winner of this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature is due to be announced tomorrow (Thursday). I highlight this article in anticipation of that fact and with high hopes for the success of Haruki Murakami, one of my favourite contemporary authors. With a prize of £780,000, it is the unrivalled recognition garnered by winning the Nobel Prize that is of true value to its recipients. Murakami has been a favourite for the past 10 years. Here’s hoping that 2013 brings him success!

‘Mark Forsyth’s Top 10 Lost Words’ – The Guardian

If you have paid attention to my previous posts (and it is completely understandable if you haven’t), you will know that I have a deep and abiding love for lost words. Needless to say, this article served as a highlight for me. Recapturing the beauty of forgotten words such as ‘wamblecropt’, ‘sprunt’, and ‘snollygoster’, these would give even Roald Dahl a run for his money.

‘Classics That Prove Your Grandma Could Kick Bella Swan’s Ass’ – Book Riot

Because this is a sentiment that we should all share.


This week’s theme comes courtesy of an author whose labours I am currently enjoying – Neil Gaiman. Also somewhat pertinent for the month of Halloween.

‘Framed Photograph Of A Neil Gaiman Quote Used As Street Art’ – AKThomps

Neil Gaiman is the source of tremendous wisdom. Those who frequent my Monday Musing posts will already be aware of this fact. The quote featured here is just further confirmation of his talent for thought-provoking insight.

‘Neil Gaiman Quote Mug’ – MereGeekery

Another fantastic quote and, more importantly, a brilliant facility for tea drinking. Two of my favourite things combined.

‘Neil Gaiman Art Doll’ – MeridianAriel

I don’t know why this exists. But it terrifies me to my very core.

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