The Weekly Reader: 02/10/13

Happy Wednesday, my literary lovelies! I hope that this first October edition of The Weekly Reader finds you all in an autumnal mood. Things have definitely taken a seasonal turn in my part of the world – the leaves are slowly on their way out, the jumpers are on the move from wardrobe to floor, and I am in the throes of my first cold since January. Not too high a price to pay for a return to hot chocolates and misty walks, I think.


‘David Gilmour, Canadian Professor And Author, Isn’t Interested In Teaching Books By Women’ – Huffington Post

“I say I don’t love women writers enough to teach them, if you want women writers go down the hall.” And with those words, David Gilmour incurred the wrath of bibliophiles the world over. If you read my article on The Riveter, you will already know that, for me, the issue of female representation in the literary world is a central issue. There is a worrying trend of gender discrimination that continues to dominate the field – from writing, to publishing, to literary criticism, women are being sidelined. Cast in that light, Gilmour’s words represent an extremely problematic insight into the degree to which discrimination is permitted to permeate. Until his words rub against reality, there is still a battle to be fought.

 ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary Fans Aghast As Helen Fielding Kills Off Mr. Darcy’ – The Guardian

By far the worst news of the week. My reaction requires no explanation. I sense that this shall be a lengthy mourning period.

‘David Bowie’s Must-Read Books Revealed’ – The Guardian

Now, we all know that David Bowie is an authority on practically every important aspect of the life experience. So we bibliophiles may rest easy, knowing that we now have some Bowie-guidance on must-read novels. An impressive list that only confirms what I knew in my heart to be true – David Bowie is a hero.

‘William Faulkner In His Own Words’ – Book Riot

This article is a compilation of clips that feature William Faulkner talking about his work. Both As I Lay Dying and The Sound and the Fury are soon to be unleashed as film adaptations. Before seeing either, I would certainly recommend taking a look at these videos and learning a little about the man behind the literature.


Well friends, it is officially October. And with Halloween approaching, I feel that it is only appropriate I help you prepare. So this week we celebrate the joys of literary-themed costuming!

‘Wizard Knit Beard’ – FoamyWader

Not only does this hold potential for any adequate Dumbledore or Gandalf costume, it is also brilliantly practical as a solution for those cold winter months. You’re welcome.

‘Jane Austen Regency Dress’ – RegencyRegalia

Because we all know that an Elizabeth Bennet costume is the only way. Particularly if you find yourself a willing companion and turn this into the best of couple costuming.

‘Jacob Marley Costume’ – Ebay

I choose this not because it is a particularly spectacular costume. But because the child modelling it is THE MOST TERRIFYING THING EVER. Take inspiration and you are sure to spread fear wherever you go this Halloween.


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