The Weekly Reader: 21/08/13

Hello lovely readers!

I am finding it truly difficult to believe that August is almost over. The summer has whizzed by and I am already scheduling in September and October happenings. Lots to look forward to, including my quarter-of-a-century birthday and initiation into the world of the PhD. It all feels a little too grown-up to me. While enjoying the remains of summer, I am also keeping my fingers crossed for a glorious autumn. Staying true to the cliches by which I live, I am ready for the evening fires, toasted chestnuts, and blackberry picking. Because how fun would it be if I didn’t conform to all kinds of stereotype?


‘Guardian Edinburgh Books Podcast: Neil Gaiman, Peter James, Adam Thirwell’ – Guardian Books

This is a brilliant discussion about the characteristics of good prose. It considers how the approach to literary style varies from genre to genre, whether as per Neil Gaiman’s belief in “invisible prose”or the Orwellian prescription of good prose as “a windowpane.” Stylistic preferences are undoubtedly subjective and dependent upon the demands of plot and character development. Yet the importance of clean and beautiful prose tends to stand as a basic demand of novels that take on the label of ‘classic’. In the world of contemporary literature, where Fifty Shades of Grey has somehow achieved the level of bestseller, an emphasis on good prose is a necessity. This thoughtful podcast certainly addresses some of the key associated issues.

‘What Would A World Without Libraries Look Like? Kids Have Their Say’ – Book Riot

“The world without libraries is like a cone without ice cream.” Trust an elementary school child to summarise perfectly my feelings on the subject. As libraries face greater threats, in the form of budget cuts and reduced operating hours, the issue of a world without libraries is one that I’ve given some thought to. What would it be to raise future generations without the benefit of glorious weekly trips to the library? Can we imagine a walk home from the town centre without 10 borrowed books in tow? This article draws on quotes from entries to a school writing contest on the subject of ‘A World Without Libraries’. Funny, insightful, and heartening!

’16 Unique And Awesome Bookshelves For Every Budget’ – BuzzFeed

It is an established fact that I love a good bookshelf. With so much choice, it is hardly a surprise that I am rendered unable to make a decision on new shelving to tackle the book stack epidemic. But I do enjoy gazing longingly at the most unique of book storage systems. This article brings together 16 of the most impractical (but amazing) bookshelves.


With the autumn on the way, we will soon be in the process of reshuffling our wardrobes in preparation for the colder weather. In that spirit, I felt it was time to indulge in an exploration of literary-themed clothing. Always best to be prepared!

Various T-Shirts – Out Of Print Clothing

I came across this site while constructing a birthday list (yes, I am that person). Just about every book you have loved features somewhere here. Amazing.

‘I’d Get Sleazy For Ronald Weasley Ladies Underpants’ – Danyella Michela

Not necessarily designed specifically for the colder seasons but applicable year round.

‘Harry Potter Guinea Pig Costume’ – I Heart Needlework

Yes, you read that correctly. Because you are not the only one who must be adequately prepared for the winter. Why would you NOT want to dress your guinea pig?

‘Complete Mr. Darcy Outfit’ – Sarai0989

Because The Book Habit is an inclusive blog, I would not want to exclude male readers. So here is something for you. And it will only set you back £413.27. A bargain, and sure hit with the ladies (or anyone with a particular fondness for the Colin Firth lake scene).

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