The Weekly Reader: 14/08/13

Well, friends. I have had a truly brilliant midweek, with a celebratory dissertation hand-in literary excursion. The benefit of being at a university in central London is that these post-deadline celebrations can take many forms. And what better for a bibliophile than a trip to the Charles Dickens Museum and the magnificent Daunt Books in Marylebone? Obviously a full Literary Excursion post is coming your way! Today, however, we return to The Weekly Reader for the latest highlights of the literary world.


‘Translation Of New Haruki Murakami Novel Set For 2014’ – Guardian Books

For fellow Murakami fans, there can be no better news than the impending release of his newest novel. Already an enormous success in Japan following its April release, Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage is set to have its English language edition released next year. The book has been met with rave reviews in Japan and Murakami’s cult following was clearly reflected in the Harry Potter-style midnight queues. I, for one, will be waiting in line for the next Murakami release. Having been converted by Kafka on the Shore, I have just wrapped up 1Q84 (a review coming your way tomorrow!)

‘A Brief History Of (Novelists On The Cover Of) TIME’ – Book Riot

This is a great piece in literary history, tracing back through some of the most prestigious authors represented on the cover of TIME magazine. Toni Morrison and George Orwell feature, among others. An interesting snapshot of the intersection between literature and the media.

‘That’shhh Entertainment: Drawing Up A Library Playlist’ – Guardian Books

London’s Wellcome Library is embarking upon a £17.5 million refurbishment and has come up with a novel way of preventing the noise from disrupting its visitors – by creating a library playlist for readers to listen through on their headsets. The Guardian’s article lays out the playlist for Adventures in the Library Volume 1. A bit of study inspiration for us all!

’28 Things That Happened After The Harry Potter Books Ended’ – BuzzFeed

We all know that this edition of The Weekly Reader could not possibly pass without a reference to Harry Potter. Fortunately, BuzzFeed has given me the perfect reason to indulge in a little wizarding celebration. Since the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2007, we have been drip fed information by JK Rowling regarding the fates of her various characters. This article is brilliant as a concise summary of the most important developments to which we have been treated, including some truly atrocious names.


Today we are going to focus on book items for around the home. Because we all know that book-theming your interior design is the only way to go.

‘Vintage Hanging Book Lamp, Upcycled’ – PaperDame

A hanging lamp constructed out of a vintage version of Grimm’s Fairytales. How fantastic. Not only is this totally unique, but it is a guaranteed conversation piece!

‘Book Chair’ – Miniatura Brasileira

Granted, this appears to be a chair for small children. But, seriously, a chair with holes for your books. I am in desperate need of one of these. If not only to free up a little more floor space.

‘Book Luminaries’ – Oldendesigns

These would probably be pretty easy to make, for the crafty among you. For the creatively inept (among whom I wholeheartedly class myself), having someone else create such beautiful book lamps is a good idea! Get yourself some electric candles and you have an amazing book-themed decoration.


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