The Weekly Reader: 31/07/13

Wednesday is here again! Today we are saying farewell to July and hoping for an August equal in sunshine and summer excitement. Aside from the obvious occupations (dissertation writing and Knebworth House), my August will feature an Oxford excursion with my mum and a few theatre/concert trips. Lots to look forward to and I’m hoping that you also have plenty booked in to get the most out of your August!


‘What Drives Writers To Drink?’ – The Guardian

This article features an extract from Olivia Laing’s new book The Trip to Echo Spring: Why Writers Drink. The book explores the link between authors and habitual drinking – considering the experiences of renowned writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and Tennessee Williams. The extract makes for interesting reading and the book looks to be an important examination of the connection between alcohol addiction and literary creativity.

‘Sir Tom Stoppard Wins Annual Pen Pinter Prize’ – BBC

Sir Tom Stoppard is undoubtedly one of the greatest contemporary playwrights. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead is one of my all-time favourite plays, so the news that Sir Tom will be recipient of this year’s PEN Pinter Prize is fantastic news. The prize was established by the anti-censorship organisation PEN, in honour of renowned playwright Harold Pinter. Sir Tom will receive the prize in October at the British Library.

‘What Are Your Book Dealbreakers?’ – Book Riot

This is an interesting short article about personal book ‘dealbreakers’. In this context, we are talking about those plot, character, or stylistic details that have the potential to completely alter your view of a book. The author of the article lists inappropriately-emotional female characters and sudden romance amongst her dealbreakers. This is an interesting issue to consider. Currently reading Nabokov’s Lolita, the question of boundaries is one that I am finding myself facing. I think that having some understanding of our personal tastes and expectations is vital, because it enables us to better understand our response to the novels that we read. An important step to becoming a more discerning reader.

’19 Book Cover Cliches’ – Buzzfeed

I love a good book cover. So the visual repetition with which we are faced when walking into a bookshop really riles me. Being hyperaware of this, I was still surprised by how numerous the book cover cliches are – illustrated perfectly by this article. If I see one more silhouetted male in a top hat, I will really lose it.


Today marks the birthday of personal heroine, JK Rowling. So what could the theme of this section possibly be, other than all things Harry Potter?


‘Harry Potter Inspired Jewellery’ – Sawyer and Scout

For those of you new to The Book Habit, you will not remember my Sawyer and Scout Snitch Necklace Giveaway. I met Sawyer and Scout’s creator, Erin, through Blogger’s Bookshelf and, from there, ended up purchasing one of her amazing Snitch Necklaces. The Giveaway was my way of spreading the joy. Sawyer and Scout has a number of fantastic Harry Potter pieces, from a Bertie Botts necklace to one displaying Neville’s Remembrall. They are all fantastically well-priced and Erin caters to international orders!

‘Make Love Not Horcruxes T Shirt’ – Shirt Nic

Because this is a mantra that we should all work to live by.

‘Fred And George Weasley Decorative Pillows’ – TelahMarie


‘Harry Potter Slytherin Garter Set’ – Bridal Bliss 2000

Quite possibly the weirdest Harry Potter-related item I have seen. But what a lovely surprise for any new husband.


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