The Weekly Reader: 10/07/13

Happy mid-week to you all!
Well, July is turning out to be a pretty fantastic month. What with the fantastic weather and a rather spectacular Wimbledon win from Andy Murray, we are all looking pretty contented (read smug) in the UK right now. As we work our way through July, the world of literature continues to move, allowing me to bring you another week’s worth of updates!
Top Stories
‘The Top 10 French Revolution Novels’ – The Guardian
With Bastille Day approaching, Guardian Books have released this list of French Revolution-themed novels to get you on your way. If the success of Les Miserables has taught us anything (other than that ear plugs are always the way to go when Russell Crowe is acting in song form), it is that the French Revolution is ripe as a setting for some fantastically poignant and explorative works of fiction. This list is wonderful because it steers (mostly) clear of the novels that you would expect to see. It has definitely given me some more books to add to my To Read list.
‘How Do We Talk About Books That Are Only OK?’ – Book Riot
I am highlighting this article mainly because it is something that I’ve grappled with since starting The Book Habit. When reading books with a view to reviewing them, you tend to read with a hyperawareness of what the author is trying to do. This is what allows the best and worst parts of any given novel to stick in the mind. Since my opinion is typically one of hyperbolic adoration or detestation, I am usually pretty set when it comes to writing up the review. However, I am also extremely careful when it comes to picking the books that I am going to read. Because I have a compulsive need to finish every book I start, and also feel that time is too short to be reading books I do not enjoy, selectivity is something of a necessity. Inevitably, I do occasionally end up working my way through a novel that inspires nothing in me – no real love, no real dislike, just a sense of ‘fair enough’. Fortunately, I’ve not been faced with this conundrum since starting the blog. But reading this article made me think about the issue of how we talk about books that are only OK – and with the preponderance of holiday reads around, I am sure it is a situation that I will be confronting before too long
’16 Fancy Literary Techniques Explained By Disney’ – BuzzFeed
Given that a large proportion of my education has come through the Disney medium, it is hardly a surprise that I think this is a brilliant article. While I would not recommend walking into an exam with only this for knowledge, the article certainly goes some way to making literary devices memorable. And there was no way I would have had any idea what anagnorisis was without reading this piece. Now I know, be prepared to see some serious overuse in my reviews.
‘Disney To Make Live Action Jungle Book’ – The Guardian
Sticking with the Disney theme, it seems that Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book is the newest victim of Hollywood-remake intentions. Both Disney and Warner Bros are planning live action remakes of Kipling’s classic, which is out of copyright. I am still not sure how I feel about this – mostly because I fail to see how any film adaptation could succeed without Bare Necessities featuring pretty prominently. But what do I know?
Top in Book Fetish – Roald Dahl Edition
With the view that this section requires something of a theme, it is in that spirit that we move forward. And, let’s be honest, I am always looking for an excuse to celebrate the joy that is Roald Dahl.
‘Roald Dahl Miniature Author Collectible’ – Uneek Dool Designs
This is quite possibly the most terrifying thing I have ever seen.
‘Matilda Book Locket’ – Childhood Pendants
Just about the cutest piece of jewellery ever made. 
‘Golden Ticket/Wonka Bar Earrings’ – HOLLIELIN Designs
Wait, NO. This is. All the cool kids are wearing them.
‘Violet Beauregarde Character Fridge Magnet’ – Lillybug Boutique
And this is just genius.

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