The Weekly Reader: 03/07/13

Following an afternoon of joy courtesy of British dentistry (unaided by a depression-inducing whizz through Cormac McCarthy’s The Road), I am pulling myself together to bring you this week’s instalment of The Weekly Reader. Bring on some literary happiness!
Top Stories
‘The Guardian Literary Clock – Add a Quote’ – The Guardian
This is a brilliant project, initiated by The Guardian in April 2011. Following a delay, they have brought it back and are seeking help from the world’s readers. Inspired by The Clock (a film installation by Christian Marclay), the project is looking to collect literary quotes which feature a particular hour and minute, with the goal of creating a complete ‘clock’. With the technology in place, the clock will be displayed at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. So, if you have got any time-featuring book quotes in your memory stores, follow the link and make your contribution!
‘The 100 Greatest American Novels, 1893-1993’ – Book Riot
I have a confession to make. You will note something of a lack of American novels on my reading list. This is by no means a conscious choice. And I am truly unsure why it is the case. It could, perhaps, be the result of an unfortunate, early run-in with a Faulkner novel (I won’t say which one, for fear of a witch-hunt arriving at my door). I am fully aware that American novels have made a substantial contribution to the world of literature, with some consistently placed among the greatest works of all-time. Aside from the classics, however, I have a truly difficult time picking out US reads. So I was happy to come across this article, written up by an English teacher, detailing the 100 Greatest American Novels. Obviously, these are entirely subjective choices – there are some that I would have been hesitant to add, and others that I feel are rather glaring omissions. But it is a brilliant starting point (or source of inspiration) for readers who face American literature with uncertainty. I have already added a few of these to my To Read list!
Top Literary Comedy
‘David Cameron: I want to be Harry Potter (but Brits probably think I’m the evil wizard Voldemort)’ – The Independent
Just yes.
’11 Harsh Realities about the World of Harry Potter’ – Buzz Feed
Read this only if your Harry Potter devotion remains impenetrable. Otherwise, we may have problems. 
Top Book Fetish Items
‘The Original Wicked Witch Bookmark’ – Kira Nichols
How I have not seen this before (and do not already own it) I am unsure. But it is pretty much the greatest bookmark I have come across. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to accumulate bookmarks the way most people accumulate loose change. I find them everywhere. Constantly. Down the backs of sofas, in pockets, at the bottom of bags. But one more is always good.
‘Set Owl Eco-friendly Bookends’ – Maple Shade Kids
I’m still on the look out for a good set of bookends, in the hope that it might spark a bought of book organisation (or bookanisation, if you will). With the bookstacks now at a point of risking floor collapse (and a potentially embarrassing situation with my downstairs neighbour), I definitely need to sort something out. These Eco-Friendly Owl Bookends are ridiculously cute. I am sorely tempted!
‘Lion, Tiger, and Bear Reading Books Pillow’ – Shanon Diamond
The fact that I find this pillow completely fantastic probably says a worrying amount about my warped mind. I blame too much time spent reading The Wind in the Willows

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