Just For Fun Friday: Literary History UK Style

One of the great personal tragedies of 2013 has been the departure of one of my very best friends, Lauren, to the exotic climes of Singapore. We have shared many memorable and completely bizarre experiences, not least a somewhat spontaneous backpacking trip through the Baltics. In mid-February. Among the greatest memories we share, however, are some fantastic marathon-viewings (and inevitable re-enactments) of the Horrible Histories songs. Quite how it has taken me so long to get to this post, I am not sure. But in honour of friendship across the seas and with a desire to show you all the best possible way of imparting historical information, I give you Just For Fun Friday: Literary History UK Style. Honestly the most fun I have had in putting a post together. Enjoy!

Charles Dickens: A Life

A Lesson in Language

Nothing to do with literature, but just about the best thing ever created. And all you could possibly need to know about Britain…

The main explanation for the outcome of World War II 


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