The Weekly Reader: 18/05/13

One literary-related habit that I have developed through this blog is a minor addiction to bookish news sites. This has, inevitably, required some deviation from my typically strict reliance on the BBC for all of my newsie needs. But the rewards have been worth it (if not only because I now understand the purpose of Twitter – although no more adept at actually using the site myself). When compiling a schedule of upcoming blog posts, it occurred to me that there should be a space for anything newsworthy in the book world – whether articles, events, or book fetish items (NOTHING Fifty Shades of Grey-like, I promise). So, with that, I introduce you to The Book Habit’s newest feature – The Weekly Reader.
Top Article
If you read my Right to Write post, you will remember that I talked about the wonderful work done by English PEN. Well, coincidently, perusing the Guardian website this morning led me to an article about an upcoming auction in support of the organisation. 50 bestselling authors, including the likes of J.K. Rowling, Philip Pullman, and Hilary Mantel, have annotated first editions of their books, donating them to the cause. The Guardian’s feature includes pictures and transcripts of the annotations, making for a brilliant feature for the literary-minded. I am positive you’ll spot one of your favourite authors in amongst the contributors!
Top Event
Two of my favourite authors coming together to create what promises to be the most amazing night. On 21 August, Oxford Playhouse will play host to Neil Gaiman and Philip Pullman, as they talk about their work. There is also going to be a signing by both authors at the end of the night. Sadly (I cannot communicate the extent of my sadness), I am already scheduled in to work on that day (Knebworth House, I will expect some serious gratitude). So I am relying on you to book a ticket and report back! In all fairness, I have been to a Philip Pullman talk and signing before, just after the release of The Amber Spyglass. It was amazing (thanks must go out to my long-suffering Dad, who has taken me along to countless events in which he has no interest. Big love to Papa Clarke). Anyway, a highly recommended event for those of you able to make it.
Top Book Fetish
‘The Great Gatsby Tote Bag’ – Studioin on Etsy
As alluded to on several occasions, I have a major obsession with literary-themed Tote Bags. Perhaps my favourite is my The Great Gatsby tote, which I acquired for all of $2 from Barnes and Noble (BARGAIN). I am currently on my third of these, thanks to my long-suffering mother (are we sensing a theme here?) who brings replacements back on her visits from the US. Studioin’s tote is not one that I have, but is definitely one I would love – a must for any Gatsby fan. Although, it was a toss up between this and the ‘I Party with Jay Gatbsy’ t-shirt. Because we all know that’s the dream.
Anyway my literary lovelies, that’s a brief wrap-up for you on this week’s favourites. I hope you find it useful and/or interesting! Have a wonderful evening and I’ll see you all tomorrow for a review of Strange Bodies by Marcel Theroux. Right now, I’m off to have a cup of tea and throw myself back into Inferno.

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