Snitch Necklace Giveaway: Winner and Honourable Mentions

The Snitch Necklace Giveaway has now ended and I’m delighted to announce that the (randomly selected) winner is Anjali Kemp. Congratulations!

In response to my question, What is your favourite childhood book and why? Anjali wrote:

“Automatically I think the Harry Potter series, without a doubt (and for obvious reasons), but other than them I really loved anything by Enid Blyton. I loved the adventures and the crazy things that always happened. I always wanted to jump into the book and have fun adventures and travel places and solve mysteries with every character. Great books!”

I want to say a big thank you to all of you who entered. While I chose the winner at random, I had a lot of fun reading your responses. And I would like to give a few honourable mentions:

Michelle, for describing what was essentially my own reaction to reading The Magic of the Faraway Tree: “I loved the idea that the worlds at the top of the tree actually existed. I used to climb trees to see if I could find Moonface. I did not find him though.” Me neither Michelle. And to this day I remain bitter.

Tan Yi, for describing what was essentially my own reaction to reading the (non-gruesome non-Brother’s Grimm version) of The Little Mermaid: “It was my dream to be like the little mermaid, Ariel, to live in the underwater world with all the sea creature friends, like Flounder and Sebastian.” 

Lim Sze, for highlighting the magic of family storytelling: “My favourite childhood book is Jack and the Beanstalk. This fairytale is full of adventures, and I even love the story more after watching the movie, Jack: The Giant Slayer. It reminds me a lot about my childhood when my grandfather used to read that story to me.”

And finally, for just about my favourite answer to any question ever asked, Amena:

” My favourite is quite obviously the Harry Potter series. It is there that I learned that I had a passion for stories and the poetry of words. Harry Potter opened up my mind to write. It inspired me as a child to believe in myself. I was living in Zimbabwe, Africa, and I remember sitting in the hot sun during the holidays, my eyes attached to the beautiful pages, I loved the smell of those books. I imagined my life through Hermione’s intelligence. It showed me that as a girl I could be my unique self without feeling like I was not enough. Reading those books taught me to love the that individual I was, to disregard the girls who thought I read too much, or was too fat to be in their ‘clique’. Hermione, Harry, and Ron became my friends, and through those pages I lived out adventures, tragedies, and happiness. I took away valuable lessons from those books, that I am still grateful for today. And one day, when I have children, I will take those books down from the shelf and introduce them to the magic that awaits them.”

If I had necklaces enough for you all, you would have them. And to those of you who are disappointed, I would really encourage you to stop by Sawyer and Scout’s webpage to take a look at the Harry Potter collection. The Bertie Bott’s Beans necklace is next on my list! Thanks again to Elise for providing the lovely Snitch Necklace for this Giveaway.

You are all wonderful and I truly appreciate you taking the time to enter and write such thoughtful responses. Please keep stopping by the blog and commenting. Most importantly though, please keep reading!

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