A Book Addict’s Book Habit

My name is Laura and I am a book addict. My family first realised that I had a problem when, aged six, I would forgo consecutive nights of sleep in order to work my way through stacks of children’s books. Now in my mid-twenties, this is a habit that remains unchanged (although the books I read are at least slightly more diverse).
Still fully in student-mode, most of my days are spent immersed in academic texts of various kinds. Yet I always find time to indulge my love of fiction, working my way through books of virtually every genre. Having joined Goodreads some years ago in an attempt to keep track of the books I read, the idea of starting a book review blog was not on my agenda. But after perusing other book blogs, I decided that it was time to work on a more detailed chronicle of my literary adventures. A logical next-step in my decades-long love affair, this is a new means of indulging my all-consuming book habit.
So this blog will provide a space for me to review the books I read in the hope that it might serve as a helpful guide for other avid readers. I’m also hoping that it will give me the opportunity to reflect upon the lessons learnt on my various literary journeys. While I can’t promise that the blog will be exceptionally insightful, or that life’s little distractions won’t find ways of seeping into my posts, I can promise that it will reflect absolutely my passion for reading. I am many things – a grad and almost PhD student, a tour guide, and someone who like to play old-school vinyls with excessive devotion. But I remain, first and foremost, the girl who spent her childhood hiding books under the bedsheets so that she wouldn’t be caught awake reading at 3am.
In that spirit, onwards we march…

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