What I’m Reading: Missourian Magnificence

Today's What I'm Reading comes to you following a hectic week of cross-continental travel, family reunions, and Christmas build-up. After a work-filled term of PhD research, I am more than prepared for a few weeks of relaxation and reading. Although it is always a wrench to miss out on a traditional British Christmas, I am fortunate … Continue reading What I’m Reading: Missourian Magnificence

What I’m Reading Wednesday: 15/05/13

Happy Wednesday chaps! Officially halfway through the week and already halfway through May. Having finally made it to some semblance of summer weather in London, we have suddenly regressed. A fact not helped by having a brother in Florida and parents in Missouri, both locations currently experiencing 30 degree weather (Celsius, that is). The oppressive … Continue reading What I’m Reading Wednesday: 15/05/13

What I’m Reading Wednesday – Be Involved!

It's that time again, friends. What I'm Reading Wednesday is upon us and there are some exciting reviews to come. Having finally finished Kate Mosse's Labyrinth (review coming your way tomorrow), I've been able to get down to the serious task of working my way through my growing To Read list. I've had some really excellent … Continue reading What I’m Reading Wednesday – Be Involved!